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1. Definitions

“Customer Platform” means the All Skin software, website and app, and physical products and is operated by All Skin Inc. (“Provider”). The Customer platform software, website and app is and developed and hosted by RideShark Corporation (“RideShark”). “Participating Organizations” means partners, distributors, retailers, manufacturers, consultants, clinics, institutions and other entities formally engaged in business relationship with the Provider. “User”, “you” or “your” means anyone accessing, browsing, using or registering for an account on the Customer Platform software or the application or using All Skin physical products or services.


2. Description of Customer Platform

The purpose of Customer Platform is to support precision skincare and cosmetic product recommendations. As a Customer Platform user, you may be using the platform to learn about your own skin with the All Skin patch test or other physical tests or you may be seeking information or recommendations for existing skincare and cosmetic products on market via the All Skin software, website and app.


3. Collection

All Skin and/or RideShark Corporation (“we” or “us”) gathers various information about users of the Customer Platform including the All Skin software, app or website. This information includes: (a) personal information, provided through voluntary registration; (b) personal information regarding your use of the Customer Platform, including but not limited to the identity of people who you are contacting within the All Skin community by the Website or app and the content of any messages that you send to another person using the Website or app; (c) personal information, provided to us by you through any other method (including without limitation correspondence and discussions); (d) personal information collected by us through click tracking in relation to your use of the Website or app, including the content you access; (e) aggregated data, which tracks traffic to the Website or app or affiliate links; and (f) cookies, which are pieces of information transferred to your computer hard drive for record keeping; (g) collection of data as it pertains to results of physical tests; (h) collection of data as it pertains to voluntary survey participation. You further authorize us to collect personal information about you from any public source. The personal information collected will be held by us or on our behalf by such other agent as we may appoint from time to time.


4. Purposes and Use

The personal information you provide will be used for the following purposes: (a) verification of your identity and assisting you in case you forget your password or login details for use of the Website; (b) to allow you to use the Website and to match you with recommended products, routines or providers; (c) to match you with other users within the All Skin community on the Website or app; (d) to provide you with further information about the Website or app or other services offered by us or which we consider may be of interest to you; (e) to keep the Website or app relevant and of interest to users; (f) to respond to any requests for information according to applicable laws; (g) to investigate any complaints relating to misuse of the Website or app or misconduct in relation to the Customer Platform and to take any action we deem necessary to protect the safety of yourself and others in relation to those complaints; (h) to develop new products and services and maintain/improve quality of existing products and services and (i) analyses in de-identified form (identifiable characteristics removed so that you will remain anonymous).


5. Disclosure

You agree that All Skin or RideShark Corporation may disclose:


a. personal information about you to the police or other government

authorities where we believe it is reasonably necessary to protect your safety or the safety of other people.

b. your personal information to third parties when we believe in good faith that we are required to do so by law.


With the exception of disclosures listed in 5(a-b) above All Skin or RideShark Corp. will not share or sell any personal information about you to outside entities. We may disclose aggregate information and other information that does not personally identify you to such third parties as we may see fit.


6. Consequences of non-provision of information

Failure to provide necessary personal information requested at the time of registration for or use of the Website or app may result in certain services not being available to you.


7. Security

We are committed to your privacy and strive to protect the personal and confidential information of those who use our Website or app. However, as no data transmission over the Internet can be guaranteed to be completely secure, we cannot ensure or warrant the security of any information you transmit or receive through the Website or app. These activities are conducted at your own risk.

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