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Precision Skincare


Unlock trusted information about thousands of skincare products you know and love. Our database has over 20,000 products and we are always expanding! If you are a manufacturer/retailer and would like your products included in our dermatologist-driven platform, click here.

Use our "hypoallergenic filter" to find products that avoid ingredients that cause 99% of skin sensitivity. This filter is backed by science, not manufacturer marketing claims. 

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All Skin

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Precision Skincare & Beauty Technology

All Skin's at-home cosmetic patch test and mobile app can be used anytime, anywhere to help you find the best skincare and cosmetic products for your skin needs. With All Skin's smart AI technology, we'll help you find products that are right for you.

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Our patent-pending patch design is pre-filled with ingredients commonly found in skincare and cosmetic products. It applies easily to the skin, and it's water resistant - so it's ready to take on the day, with you.

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How it works

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Create a profile on our app.

Your user profile helps to match the right products to your skin once your cosmetic patch test is complete.

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Apply the patch. 

Apply the patch on Day 1 to clean, uninjured skin anywhere that is comfortable - we suggest the outer arm. The patch is water resistant and flexible so you can continue your regular daily routine. The patch stays on you for 48 hours.

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Take a photo with our app. 

Remove the patch on Day 3, then on Day 5 our app will help you take a photo.

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Get your personalized results and shop with the All Skin community! 

Our patent-pending technology analyzes your profile and cosmetic patch photos to suggest the best ingredients and products for you. Our platform lets you shop from retailers you know and love!

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Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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Ryan Lewinson, MD, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

Ryan holds an MD and PhD in Biomedical Engineering and is training in dermatology. His expertise includes AI/machine learning, and software development. He has previous experience in engineering of biomedical devices and product development for major footwear brands.

Isabelle Vallerand, MD, PhD

Chief Technology Officer

Isabelle holds an MD and PhD in Epidemiology and is training in dermatology. Her expertise is in big data science, statistics and AI/machine learning. She is also a certified makeup artist and is a research correspondent to media outlets such as Vogue, Glamour, and the NY Times.    

Matt Hughes, MD, BSc, FRCPC

Chief Medical Officer &

Chief Revenue Officer

Matt is a board-certified dermatologist with an MD and BSc in Mathematics, Chemistry & Biology. His expertise is in skin sensitivity, and he is a dermatology social media influencer. He has also served on the Canadian Dermatology Association Ethics Committee. 

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